5 Ideas to Decorate with Canvas Art

Whenever I move into a new place I can’t contain my excitement. It spells another opportunity to find newly inspired ways to decorate. Call me mad but the first thing I have to do before I unpack a single box is to hang my paintings. One, it keeps them secure while I decide where I want the rest of the furniture positioned and two, I can’t stand a blank wall staring back at me. Get the music pumping, art on the wall and colour me happy! Here are five tips on which canvas images look best where.

Entry: Set the Mood

Not every house has a grand entry point. In fact, the way new homes are often planned these days, we enter straight into a formal lounge. However, if you have any room to place art near the front entrance, then make it count. Mirrors in the hallway are tried and true, however, placing a full-length or quirky art piece can change the whole context of your home and set up a mood every time you or your guest enter the house. 

Lounge: Make a Statement

This is the room where we do most of our living: we hang out with family and friends, shoot the breeze, and dream up big. And it’s often the room which makes the biggest impact, as far as interior design is concerned.  So, hang your biggest artwork – your signature piece – here, and show off your lounge with a bang! Even if you’re going for a completely chilled-out understated vibe, it doesn’t mean your room can’t make a statement. A huge white canvas, as calming as that may be, will still say something about you and your home.

Kitchen/Dining: Cheery, Don’t be Dreary

How many times do we chat about our problems over a decent cup of tea or coffee, all while perched in the kitchen? It’s our hub. Where we sort out the nuts and bolts of life. This is where we hang our vibey, cheeky, cheery art. Choose images which suggest fun, happiness and abundance.

Bedroom: Love, Love, Love

According to Feng Shui principles, we should never hang pictures of water in the bedroom, but if a canvas print or painting has romantic connotations what should it matter? Keep it simple in the bedroom and as harmonious as possible. Leave the pics of a sports car to the man cave. For most women, it’s not a turn on! But the same can be said as too much pink in the main bedroom. If it’s too “little girly” that’s a turn-off for men too. Bedroom images need to strike a masculine/feminine balance and inspire love.


We often throw all of our “beach” images in the loo, en-suite, and bathroom. But it’s okay to ramp it up and try something new. I have portraits of women bathing in mine. Don’t be afraid to put art in the bathroom – as long as you keep the fan on when showering and a window constantly open to stop the canvas from going mouldy.