5 Great DIY Art Projects

When it comes to DIY, there are various ways to captivate family and friends within the home These five Projects are just a few examples of how an Interior Decorator can transform any room into an awe-inspiring world of imagination. Creating a space that is lively and upbeat or a tranquil environment to relax and rejuvenate, these projects are sure to inspire and invigorate the senses. Letting your creativity come alive, the possibilities are endless.

Melted Crayon Art

Bringing an innovative and modern twist to a long time favourite, Melted Crayon Art is sensationally vibrant and very easy to do. Sure to suit any room, from a child’s playroom to the home office or study, for people of all ages or gender, framed or bare, large or small no matter which way you go a project like this will certainly re-spark that old childlike wonder. With an elegant charm, Melted Crayon art is sure to melt hearts.                     

Prints on Canvas

Canvas Prints are the way to go for a simple yet effective approach to interior decorating. There are boundless choices such as Vintage, Cultural, Contemporary, Art Deco, Patterns, Photography, Seasonal, animals, inspirational or decorating by room just to name a few. With art prints, you are just one click away from making your dreams a reality.                                 

3D and Modern Art 

Turn trash to treasure with these low-cost Modern Art projects. Inspire and intrigue the mind using reclaimed and recycled materials, there is no way you can go wrong when offering extra-dimensional artworks that pop. With modern designs, re-create long ago scenes while at the same time tantalising the senses into a realm of possibilities. These affordable treasures are perfect for revamping any dining or living room. Turning forgotten gems into playful, lively works of art will have your client’s coming back for more.                

Mixed Media Art

Bring a touch of nature in, with these soothing and funky designs. Nothing goes unnoticed when you combine vivid colours with original arrangements. Setting the scene for any social gathering, these remarkable pieces are sure to get the conversational juices flowing. Using various materials such as yarn, tree branches, beads, and metal, you will not find anything else like it. If you want to bring the zing back into your work, Mixed Media Art stands out above the rest.                             

Paper Marbling

With ease and motion, these pieces could resemble flowing rivers and streams. Conjuring landscapes and worlds untouched, this is one for the abstract mind, for those who want a touch of tranquillity and sensual calm. The choice of already printed marble paper or of creating individual paintings of your own design lets your creative juices flow. As if performing a dance, the swirls of colour morph inside a window into the unknown. You cannot miss a forever-timeless piece like this.               

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